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The Megaton Man Narrative

The Megaverse of Megaton Man is a graphic narrative by creator Don Simpson depicted in an erratic 37-issue series of comic books including Megaton Man (10 issues; KItchen Sink Press, 1984-1986) and Bizarre Heroes (18 issues; Kitchen Sink Press and Fiasco Comics Inc., 1990-1996), as well as various mini-series and one-shots: Return of Megaton Man #1-3 (KSP, 1988), Megaton Man Meets the Uncategorizable X+Thems #1 (1988), Yarn Man #1 (1989), Pteranoman #1 (1990), Megaton Man: Hardcopy #1-2 (Image Comics, 1999), Megaton Man: Bombshell #1 (Image Comics, 1999). Megaton Man has also been featured in the team-ups The Savage Dragon vs. The Savage Megaton Man #1 (with Erik Larsen; Image Comics, 1993) and The normalman vs. Megaton Man Special #1 (with Jim Valentino, Larry Marder, and Bob Burden; Image Comics, 1995). Graphic novel collections include Megaton Man Volume 1 (reprinting Megaton Man #1-4 in black and white; Kitchen Sink Press, 1990), Megaton Man Volume 1 (reprinting Megaton Man #1-5 in color; ibooks, 2005), and Splitting Image 80-Page Giant (reprinting Splitting Image #1-2, 1993, and The normalman vs. Megaton Man Special #1 with Rob Liefeld and Jim Valentino, 1995; Image Comics, 2017).

The Megaton Man narrative also appeared as the pioneering web comic The Megaton Man Weekly Serial (1996-2000; Episodes #1-89 were reprinted in black and white in Megaton Man: Hardcopy #1-2, and episodes #90-204 appeared as intermittent full-color 2-page back-up features in Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon #52, 54-56; 58, 60-67, 73, 76-80, 86-7 (Image Comics, 1998-2001).

Don Simpson is also the creator of Border Worlds, a science fiction saga featuring Jenny Woodlore on the space station Chrysalis that began as a back-up feature in Megaton Man #6-10 and continued in Border Worlds #1-7 and Border Worlds: Marooned #1 (Kitchen Sink Press, 1986-1990). The series has been collected with a new concluding episode and and afterword by Stephen R. Bissette (Dover Publications Inc., 2017).

Also, under the pseudonym Anton Drek, Don Simpson is the creator of the explicitly erotic underground comix Wendy Whitebread, Undercover Slut #1-2 and Forbidden Frankenstein #1-2 (Eros Comics, 1990-1992), collected in Anton's Collected Drek featuring Wendy Whitebread, second expanded edition (Eros Comix/Fantagraphics Books, 1992). Forbidden Frankenstein crossed over into the Megaverse in Megaton Man vs. Forbidden Frankenstein #1 (a.k.a. Bizarre Heroes #16; Fiasco Comics Inc., 1995), and the Anton Drek material has been translated into French, Spanish, Italian, and Finnish.

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Megaton Man™ and all prominent related characters, character names, likenesses, words and pictures are ™ and © Don Simpson 2017, all rights reserved.

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Megaton Man by Don Simpson, 1984.

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